The departments within the Civic League divide the responsibilities of the club among the membership.  The chairmen of these departments also make up the Board of Directors.


Community Service Programs (CSP)

The following members listed are chairmen or co-chairmen:

  • Arts and Culture: Debbie Kennedy (chairman)
    • Dance Academy: Erin Osterhout
  • Civic Engagement and Outreach: Cheryl O'Hora (chairman)
    • Memorial Day Parade: Kelli Eisenlohr
    • ASAP: Cheryl O'Hora
  • Education and Libraries: Maria Fanning & Dot Graf (co-chairmen)
    • Book Clubs: Liana Smith and Sue O'Day
  • Environment & Adopt-A-Highway: Eileen Milunic (chairman)
  • Health and Wellness: Gretchen Mackie & Susan Veater (co-chairmen)
  • Membership Retention: Gretchen Mackie


Special Projects and Committees
  • Communications & Public Relations:
  • Public Relations: Amy Clegg,
  • Facebook: Jenn Bachan-Breiten,
  • Newsletter/Club Communications: Eileen Milunic
  • Website: Mary Ellen Durkin
  • Federation News
  • Ways & Means: Ronda Schiavone (chairman)
  • GFWC Signature Program:
    • Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention: Mickey Mastriani & Maggie Woolever (co-chairmen)
  • Juniors' Special Program:
    • Advocates for Children: Eileen Milunic (chairman) 
    • Abington Angels: Jenn Bachan-Breiten
  • Leadership: Cheryl O'Hora
  • Legislation: TBD
  • Membership: Kathy Croft (chairman and Clearances)
  • State President's Project-Veterans: Ashley Goff, Chairman
  • Vision Screening: TBD
  • Women's History and Resource Center: Liana Smith


Standing Committees:
  • By-Laws: Sue O'Day
  • Donation Award: Jan Klusza
  • House & Hospitality: Cathy Plishka & Betsy Osman (co-chairmen)
  • Scrapbook: Josephine Petry & Jan Klusza (co-chairmen)  


"Each member is committed to support one or more Ways & Means projects, serve on one of the refreshment committees and at least one additional committee." (Article III Section 6 of the Constitution and By-Laws)


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